Lab Members and Alumni

Andrea Bredemeyer - Research Instructor

Andrea uses a human pluripotent stem cell system to understand how macrophages of primitive and definitive hematopoietic origin are specified and to define the requirments for their differentiation. She also uses this system to produce human macrophages for regenerative medicine applications.

Geetika Bajpai - Postdoctoral Fellow

Geetika uses flow cytometry and RNA sequencing to define macrophage heterogenity in the healthy and diseased mouse and human heart. She is also interested in understanding determinants of monocyte-derived macrophage fate and plasticity.

Guoshuai Feng - Postdoctoral Fellow

Guoshuai is investigating the role of novel cytokines elicited from monocyte-derived macrophages recruited to the heart following ischemic cardiac injury.

Jamison Leid - Graduate Student

Jamison uses zebrafish to model dilated cardiomyopathy to define causititve disease mechanisms and identify mutation specific percision therapies.

Inessa Lokshina - Lab Technician

Inessa studies the impact of hedgehog signalling on heart development with a focus on coronary maturation and fibroblast development..

Nicole Wong - Lab Technician

Nicole studies novel mechanisms of tissue resident macrophage activation and function in the chronically failing heart.

Peter Rakita - Undergraduate Student

Peter is developing new tools and technologies to image cardiac function and physiology in Zebrafish.

Meghna Patel - Alumni

Meghna was a pediatric cardiology fellow in the laboratory. She demonstrated that pediatric and adult dilated cardiomyopathy are driven by distinct pathological mechanisms. Meghna is completing her pediatric intensive care training at Stanford University.

Jay Mohan - Alumni

Jay was a technician in the laboratory. He helped show that resident macrophages in the chronically failing heart function to stimulate coronary growth and adaptive ventricular remodeling. Jay is pursuing his MD degree at the University of Illinois.

Caralin Schneider - Alumni

Caralin was an undergraduate student in the laboratory. She helped generate several methodologies used in the laboratory to descriminate human macrophage subsets and developed a transgenic mouse to simulate cardiac injury. She is now pursuing a MD MPH degree at the University of Miami.

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